We create opportunities for enthusiastic secondary students in years 7 -10  to learn coding at an advanced level. We start students off with Python Fundamentals  and then offer in depth hands on experiences with interesting concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Game Design and Natural Language Processing.



These are designed to be every tech loving student’s dream. The courses are a fast paced journey through some of the most exciting topics out there: Game Design, Artificial Intelligence, Fractal Geometry and Data Science. This is what our courses look like:

  • Small group learning:  6 - 12 students via Zoom and Repl.it

  • Instruction from an educator who has university level qualifications in both education and Digital Technologies

  • Minute by minute peer and instructor feedback on their code

  • Lifetime access to learning materials (videos + pdf guides) for all the content covered

  • Research skills and best practice use of coding websites like Stack Overflow and GitHub. 

  • Lasting relationships with like minded peers fostered through collaborative projects that imitate how programmers work remotely in the real world.




This is a really good place to start whether you are a teacher or student.Teachers can quickly skill up in required areas, obtain free teaching resources and create an extension plan for their exception students which may involve our group based live and interactive courses

For students this is an opportunity find out what is out there in the world of Python and to choose what they want to learn and how they want to learn it. Also very importantly they will have an opportunity learn the right habits, master the vocabulary and become fluent in the use of sites like Stack Overflow and GitHub which will set them up with an ability to learn anything on their own.